We are a couple from Germany and plan to move around every four weeks. Since the two of us work full time, we do not travel on a budget but we also do not get to see everything there is to see. Our goal is to be productive throughout and to create a life for the two of us, from which we do not need a vacation.


Werner_AnnaI am 28 years old and I finished university in early 2016, graduating in media management. Next to that, I started working self employed in my last month as a student and I am now doing freelance work as a front-end WordPress and WooCommerce developer.

When not working, I am passionate about my hobbies. From time to time I sow my own clothes using my trusted sewing machine. I enjoy taking out my mountain bike for hours, go swimming, jogging and I can forget the world over jigsaw puzzles and great books. Electronics and new technical developments make me geek out. Without iPhone, iPad and MacBook in my purse, I don’t last one weekend. I also like following blogs, reading about gadgets and new apps and whenever possible I try them out as well. One great purchase was my Sony QX1 which is an independent camera with an interchangeable lens that uses the smartphone as a screen and transfers amazing pictures straight to your phone.

I always love to travel as well. After school, I went to the US (Kennesaw, Georgia) as an aupair and I learned how much I loved the experience of being abroad and how much I gained for myself. After that, I tried visiting other countries every year. One of my highlights was my semester abroad in Indonesia. I love to experience cultural differences, to feel the different life styles and life focuses and to be able to align my life and my culture to a new perspective.

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Hi, my name is Constantin and I am 35 years old. I hold a diploma in media management and am a WordPress and Open Source enthusiast from Germany. I have built websites of many shapes and sizes. Since 2015, I work as a WooCommerce Ninja at Automattic a remote distributed company, that allows me to work from anywhere. At the moment I am trying to learn to code properly so I can exchange the title of Front-End developer to Back-End developer.

My learning goals at the moment are Spanish, PHP and Javascript. On my kindle you will currently find “thinking fast and slow” and “a game of thrones”. When I am not improving the world with Automattic and Woo, I read, study, blog, travel with my girlfriend, play with Ableton Live, contact juggle, visit the gym or hit the dance floor at my favourite venues. Besides my job and my hobbies, my favourite conversation topics are the art of communication and negotiation, personality types and traits and human development. I am a big fan Derren Brown, because he explores the aspects of what it means to be human like no other and admire the work of Friedeman Schulz von Thun and Susan Caine.

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