Digital nomad and how we plan doing it


Live as a digital cheap NFL jerseys nomad – for those who know what I’m talking about, this sounds fascinating. At least that’s what I think. But guess what; I constantly talk to people who look at me puzzled when I mention the term “digital nomad”. So, to get started, this post will explain what it is I will be talking about and how we plan to live for the next couple of month (at least).

The principle

“Digital nomad” – the term consists of two words, that basically explain everything.

Fist of all, there is digital: this refers to working in a digital working environment, in some kind of internet business. For example, there are bloggers, there are developers, there is remote work – there is a lot you can do online. And a lot of ways to make a living of it. For the nomad. “digital people”, wholesale nba jerseys all that’s needed to start working is a computer/laptop and probably the internet. Well, and maybe a tablet, and a smartphone – but cheap NFL jerseys you get it.
Second, there is the nomad. The word originates from the old Greeks and describes someone roaming about for pasture, or a pastoral tribe. In nomad communities, instead of living at one specific place, one lives in different locations and moves around. Originally, tribes moved to find new grassland or different hunting grounds. Today, it can also mean, to wander around the world and to constantly live in different places.

Digital nomads make their living online, while traveling the world and exploring different countries, cities, and places. They work from home, a hotel, a cafe, a boat, a library or coworking spaces. Usually, wherever they have internet access.

Making it work

To carry on a job while maintaining a nomadic lifestyle means, that while continuing work with clients, coworkers or employers, constant communication is necessary. This again can only work so well due to the internet. The best known possibilities today are probably e-mail and Skype. But there is more. Chat programs like Slack, management tool like Trello, or cloud storage are some examples of great communication tools. But I have to admit, the nomad is only one side of the equation. Clients or employers have to be alright using tools like this, and not seeing the other person in real life – maybe ever.

And then, there are other challenges. Like needing a place to be registered at in the home country (at least in Germany, it’s not possible to not having an adress), having an international health insurance, getting the right visas, maintaining long-distance relationships with friends and families.

Yet, the community is constantly growing. And we will be some of the next to enter. The good thing is, one is not p? alone. There are so many digital nomads out there. And the internet not only provides a living, but also the possibility to get information and to find contacts in new areas. Nomad List is a site with lots of information on interesting cities, coworking spaces are filled and then there are a billion blogs. As long as to being at Coachit home online and knowing how to find information, it is not hard to find a way to go and to meet people – wholesale NBA jerseys even in person.


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