Daytrip Medellin: Visiting a coffee farm

Coffee beans

We took a one-day tour to visit a local coffee farm. It was a great experience and we got to try every step of coffee farming ourselves. Colombia produces coffee which is mostly milder than the African or Arabic coffee types. Around Medellin, there are still lots of small farmers who work on their farm in the Andes Mountains with just the support of their family and neighbors. But they are part of the most important export industry for Colombia and live in the coffee triangle. This region is known for its coffee as being one of the best in the world. As a fun fact: until a couple of years ago, the farmers didn’t even know how to drink coffee.

Even though some of the steps displayed are now supported by better machines, most of it is hard work. We should respect their daily work with every sip of coffee we enjoy.

Here is a summary of our day and of the process we got to experience with the farmer Lino and his family and with the association Cafe Retiro.

We definitely had a great time with Toucan Cafe and our guide John. In addition to the farm itself, we saw the great scenery of the Andes Mountains and a small original village and Sunday activities on the main square. In the village, the coffee beans are processed and roasted in a small but very nice roastery. And we even got to take home the best souvenir – a can of coffee from the farm we just visited. We are enjoying this every day now for as long as it lasts 🙂

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