The HLGCBS feedback for Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

Since we just left Cartagena, the time is now to leave a short feedback about our experience in this city. Lets introduce the HLGCBS feedback. This is inspired by the juggling world (hat tip and rest in peace to, and is used to share feedback after a whole weekend of workshops, shows and juggling at a juggling convention. It goes like this:

  • Highlight(s)?
  • Lowpoint(s)?
  • Goals reached or missed?
  • Had a crush on some / many things / body ?
  • Bane(s)?
  • Surprise(s)?

Let’s start a High, Low, Goal, Crush, Bane, Surprise! GO!


  • Ubercute old town with beautiful houses and balconies (Game of Thrones level scenery).
  • Life in the ‚parques’ at night.
  • The amazing seafood at restaurants and the lunch menus.


  • We never left old town and did not get to know the real Cartagena. Partly because we didn’t try, but also because there doesn’t seem to be anything nice to look at and go to(?).
  • We hardly spoke or learned any Spanish when leaving the house, because everyone switched to English most of the time.


  • Getting ready for the cruise and getting to know some other cruise members, check. We went out one night to hang out and there was a nice rooftop get-to-know party the night before the nomad cruise.


  • The old houses with the patios, where you usually found a pool. We even tried to swim regularly in ours for 30-45 minutes every other day (worked out partly).


  • Stomach problems for over a week after eating at a pizzeria („Pizzeria en al Parque“ – underwhelming food). Turned out a couple of other nomads got sick as well, which makes it possible to be viral rather then food related.


  • The great bars and food specialities.
  • The relentless heat and minimum of 80% humidity after leaving a rather cool Medellin.


Cartagena old town is basically a small town within a city, that mostly exists for tourists (and some students). This can be felt throughout the area: the stores, the goods that are sold, the way people interact with visitors, the restaurants, the transportation, the atmosphere – all is far from a local experience. As soon as you are able to accept this, it is a nice place to linger for a bit.

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  1. Daniel Trostli 8. June 2016 at 20:37 #

    Game of Thones level scenery is a nice selling point!


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