The HLGCBS feedback for the nomad cruise

Working on the Nomad Cruise

After getting off board the nomad cruise, here is the rough HLGCBS feedback for our time there. The incredients are Highlight(s)? Lowpoint(s)? Goals reached or missed? Had a crush on some / many things / body? Bane(s)? Surprise(s)?

Let’s start a High, Low, Goal, Crush, Bane, Surprise! GO!


  • Meeting other nomads and making new friends (not just nomads).
  • The endless sea.
  • Interesting workshops.
  • Getting fed 12 days in a row.
  • Taking the time to relax and enjoy tranquil life at the pool and in the Yacht Club.


  • Constant noise and entertainment program everywhere, mostly for sure the outside pool area.
  • Ship-wide announcements for promotion sales.
  • Additional cost lurking everywhere, for example for sports programs and even a single bottle of water (1$).
  • Mediocre food, except for the Yacht Club (the lounge for people who booked a suite).
  • People getting drunk around noon and maintaining that level throughout.


  • Getting work done while on the middle of the Atlantic Ocean —> Failed. Due to internet connection slower than a dial up modem. Countered by finding some offline work and self study. Still great disappointment as there was no prior warning („There might be unstable days, but Skype and Social Media should work“).
  • Finding inspiration from other nomads and the workshops —> Check. Say ‚Fuck You‘ when your gut tells you and you know you are being duped. Proceed do whatever awaits but do not yield. Also: Give amazon FBA a whirl.


  • Watching the ocean and the waves from our balcony (yes our suite came with an ocean view balcony).


  • The absence of the promised internet connection. Not even slow, but just unstable and only minute-wise accessible. Even the free included WiFi did not help as the boats technology was ancient to begin with.


  • Found some really nice ideas that might serve as future business ventures.

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