The HLGCBS feedback for Valencia


We fell in love with the city of Valencia, in Spain. Here is the HLGCBS feedback for our time there. The ingredients are Highlight(s)? Lowpoint(s)? Goals reached or missed? Had a crush on some / many things / body? Bane(s)? Surprise(s)?

Let’s start a High, Low, Goal, Crush, Bane, Surprise! GO!


  • The weather. We had the perfect weather of hot but not too hot and a constant cooling breeze coming from the ocean. And as it’s a European summer, the nights were warm but also stayed light until quite late.
  • Valencia spreads along a coast with endless beaches one can enjoy after just a short taxi ride.
  • There is always a friendly and lively atmosphere around, mostly when leaving for dinner in the evening. (During „siesta“ time, it’s just quiet)
  • Spanish lifestyle and daily routine with rather late start of work, lunch between 2 and 3 and dinner only at 9 or 10 at night. We adapted it pretty quickly and liked it.
  • Amazing food with tapas and paella, everywhere, combined with Agua de Valencia, Sangria or wine and all of that quiet affordable make eating out always a treat.
  • Testing to work in a co-working space, which was very nice and funny enough: we were there at the same time as Remote Year, our first inspiration for the whole trip.


  • The hotter it got, the worse the smell of sewerage was in some of the streets of old town.


  • Strengthening the Spanish more —> Check. We had some conversations in Spanish. Easy ones, but definitely conversations.
  • Getting some work done —> Check. We weren’t able to explore much of the countryside. But as we loved it so much within the city, it wasn’t very hard.


  • Mostly in and around old town, the architecture and the houses are just beautiful. It was so much fun to just walk around and find more and more houses and details in the streets and on all those little squares to fall in love with.
  • The huge park Jardín del Turia to either work out in the evening or chill in the shade in the day with all it’s different offers and so many different people filling it.


  • Let me think. None.


  • First time I really fell in love with a city and the beauty you can see everywhere around you.

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