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Good music I dance

I love clubbing. I love electronic music. And I do not mean the kind of club where you get a table, or dress up or listen to live music. Alcohol is of no importance to me when I live through the night. I do this for the music, for being on the dance floor for hours and for the feeling of being among like minded and nice people that I can connect with in subtle and non verbal ways. In every bigger city I look for techno clubs and fine electronic music. My taste is broad and I have lost count as to how many genres or artists I like. There are many and I favour quality and complexity. Not that I am a pro in music production, but I know my way around ableton live and traktor dj. I have produced a number of 2 hours dj sets for my own liking where I have given tracks I like my own spin.

Finding a club that caters to my liking has become easy thanks to facebook. It is difficult to find people that know the kind of clubs I am going for. When I say party, most of the times people do not understand what I am talking about and I have a hard time explaining.

Finding techno clubs online for example in Medellin

So I search online on my own. In order to do so I find one anchor point and then jump from related link to related event, until I have 2-3 venues for the night.

For Medellin I started my search at a blog article MedellinLiving: (thanks David Lee, or in this particular case Nick Bowman)

A quick scan of the article reveals two noteworthy things for me:

A quick Google search for “Techno clubs Medellin” yields no results as expected
(neither in Spanish nor English).

LonelyPlanet pops up and I thin slice their list of clubs. One name stands out: Calle 9-1.

I move to facebook:

I click on Calle 9-1 events, from their I click on “Related Events” which brings up a ton of other parties. All sound interesting so I do a quick text search for “today” which reveals all current parties.

  • Club Mansion is three blocks up from Calle 9-1 and should also definitely make your list. Intelligent Division host frequent nights there. It is a good size smaller then 9-1 but very much delivers.
Calle 9-1

Calle 9-1

Crossover in Medellin is not Limp Bizkit

When in Medellin you will come across “Crossover” Parties often. These are the full mixed latin package of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Reggaeton. We went out to Rio del Sur Mall one night, where one of the clubs had their marvelous club band play crossover all night. Outstanding live music, but a rather shy crowd who was busy filling their glasses with their bottles of liquor and furthermore forgot to clap most of the time. Whatever you hear about the clubs in the Rio del Sur Mall: As an EDM lover you are not missing out. If you care for bootle service, tables, little to no dance floor and gents in suits and ladies in short dresses then go for it.

If you do not, start at mansion club at calle 9-1. Look out for intelligent division parties on facebook and make some friends on the dancefloor so you can ask for the “El remate” – the afterhour.

Thank you Medellin for a solid EDM night out.

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