It is decided. First steps on being a digital nomad.


Deciding to give up home, to move away, not only from a city but from your country, your friends, your life. It’s not a light decision, and you can’t just Frequently start from one day to the next. At least not without leaving chaos.

Deciding to go for it

Well, we always knew we wanted to travel for a bit when I was done with university. I dreamed of going to South America after studying since my first semester. And it sure wasn’t hard to convince Con, as he loves travelling just as much as I do. And I love it.

Then he started working for WooCommerce and (due to a merger) for Automattic. They fully cheap jerseys incorporate the principle of remote work. The company’s employees are spread all over the world and connect online. And it works just perfectly. There, he not only learned even more to work from home, but he also met all those fascinating colleagues, who live somewhere and work from anywhere. And suddenly, new ideas and possibilities started to grow.

As I had already started working self employed as a web designer from home, saying it out loud was the last step. And as he did, I was in. It does sound like a dream life, I can keep working, but yet see the world. And we can even do it together. The thought alone still makes me happy. That was 4 month ago. We are still in Germany – things take time. (Ok, mostly I had to finish my Master cheap mlb jerseys degree first. But it’s about to get real)


Hoping not to forget too much, here is what we did to get started.

  1. We started telling people who are close. Most important is the family. Going without their support is hard. Not only psychologically, but also because they do need to help over the whole time abroad. But support and love from your friends is needed just as much. When explaining, there seemed to be two kind of reactions. There are the friends, that are just happy for you, a bit jealous, but totally supportive. And there are others, who try to support, but basically don’t understand it. Don’t understand the wish to go, the actual intent to keep working, the concept of the nomading and giving up home. And they just ask: And when will you be Know back? What will you do when you are back? Where will you move then? I don’t know. Because I don’t know if and when wholesale mlb jerseys I will come back.
  2. The second real step we took was cancelling our apartment. At least here, this step has to be taken three month before leaving. And therefore, a date was also set.
  3. In this time, thinking about a first place to go is important. We at least knew we wanted to start in South America. So there were some less countries to choose from. In the end, it was friends and friends of friends, who helped to make On the decision. The more you talk about your plans, the more input you get. And mostly it is good input. Getting connected with other travelers and bloggers definitely helped to find a spot. For us, it is Medellín, Columbia.
  4. Then we booked our flights. By then, the date is sure, and that gets things in motion.
  5. Now, the important bits and pieces started to come to mind.
    • Where to register? Parents, brothers/sisters?
    • What insurance to take?
    • Where to store our furniture? What will we wholesale nba jerseys even keep?
    • Is my passport valid?
    • Are my credit cards valid?
    • What to do with mail? Who will take care of it?
  6. Mostly I have to say again, friends and family are so helpful. Talking about problems, thoughts and decisions suddenly brought up opportunities we wouldn’t even have considered. Storage, just as an example.
  7. Setting dates: When to see your family the last time, what day to move out, to move Half-Marathon stuff around, to do things for the last time.

But honestly, it’s not that hard. Once you get started, you find so much information online and you just do one thing at a time.


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