The HLGCBS feedback for Medellin

Medellin at night

Since we just left Medellin, the time is now to leave a short feedback about our experience in this city. Lets introduce the HLGCBS feedback. This is inspired by the juggling world (hat tip and rest in peace to, and is used to share feedback after a whole weekend of workshops, shows and juggling at a juggling convention. It goes like this:

  • Highlight(s)?
  • Lowpoint(s)?
  • Goals reached or missed?
  • Had a crush on some / many things / body ?
  • Bane(s)?
  • Surprise(s)?

Let’s start a High, Low, Goal, Crush, Bane, Surprise! GO!


  • The friendliness and unobtrusiveness of the all the people – even when going out, guys would back off as soon as you say no.
  • The moments when you feel like you are finally starting to understand and communicate in Spanish, even if it’s just small and easy conversations like ordering.
  • Dining at El Cielo
  • A trip to the cute town of Guatape
  • A day trip to a coffee farm


  • It’s almost impossible to find good coffee. Even a place that promotes itself as “coffee roasters” did ruin the beans till it wasn’t enjoyable anymore for us anymore. I somehow even stopped liking coffee at all. Note: Good coffee for us is mildly roasted. We mostly found coffee that would smell like burnt coal, after it had been roasted. Too bad.


  • Improving our Spanish skills – check. Tipp: Use Memrise instead of Duolingo. It is more practical and has better repetition in our opinion.
  • Learning about Colombia and Colombian culture by getting to know and talking to locals – check
  • Learning about the cities history – check


  • The livelihood outside on the streets (mostly at night though)
  • The active attempts to change the face and the reputation of the city, where people even try to give back to their hometown.


  • The constant pollution of the main streets in el Poblado – not even the rain made much of a difference here. Get ready for some traffic, if you stay in the area.


  • We actually found really decent bread to have classical German dinners and Müsli for German breakfast 🙂

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  1. Otti 17. May 2016 at 7:32 #

    Hola Anna!

    interessant!… hab mir gleich die Website von “El Cielo” angeschaut. Sieht ja genial aus!

    Und mir gleich nen frischen Kaffee gemacht….muss ihn jetzt noch mehr geniessen, …
    (er kommt laut Beschreibung aus Columbien! hi, hi,…)

    Weiterhin eine gute Zeit!



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